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Emma Finneron


Accessible, Affordable,

Easy to use Interior Design and Renovation Service

by the hour.

Oxford, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties

Accessible Design and Renovation solutions and help for any project. 

Available at any point of renovation, extension, build or re decoration. 

Hourly booking/block booking available for hands on or remote easy advice 

or project assistance in any form.  

Make the right choices for your home.  



Having felt I really needed all sorts of help with design, layout, colour and finishing advice over the last 15 years whilst renovating, decorating and developing properties in London, Surrey and Oxford, Interior Design seemed a service that was not accessible to use for small jobs and ideas that would come up along the way.  I couldn't find anyone offering just a small simple tap into advice service on different issues like design, layout, visually adding value, finishing ideas and general help.  So I decided to train myself with the help of gaining experience in property, design, creativity and a few courses along the way I set up ByEmmaJaneInteriors that is an accessible, affordable, easy interior design and renovation service by the hour and helpful to anyone at any point of home improvement or self build.

Available by email, phone, skype or one to one, this interior design and property renovation service provides very accessible and affordable design and development solutions to anyone renovating, extending, redecorating, moving or self building who wants interior design and renovation help in any form from design layout at architectural stage through to colours, furnishings, finishing and styling at final stage.

Starting for as little as just £60ph this service is so easy to use and very cost effective, it can solve design issues, give you second opinions on layouts, save you money with trade discount, be accessible at any point of the process, take care of the small things you dont have time for or assist through your whole self build, renovation or redecoration. With an hourly service and cost effective block bookings we can be on hand at any point for anything offering services, advice, contacts, layouts, trends, discounts or just be a helping hand with anything you need help with.





"Emma provided us with some consultant advice on our new bathrooms.  It was a new build and i was feeling completely overwhelmed with all the decisions and amount of details required to design and decorate five bathrooms.  Emma was very easy to work with.  She quickly understood my tastes and came up with some lovely lighting features that complimented the tiles beautifully in the master bedroom ensuite.  She gave me lots of confidence to make decisions and we are delighted with the final results.  All our bathrooms are amazing and we wouldn't change a thing.  I would definitely use Emma again in the future and would highly recommend her" J.H Oxfordshire.

"The design is better than i was expecting.  All the design elements, the lighting and fittings  work really well and blend in with the amazing wood effect tiles . The chrome sink looks amazing.  I would highly recommend Emma to anyone with 100% confidence"

H.F Surrey 

"Emma was a great listener and visionary and created a wonderful open plan space" S.R Oxfordshire 

"Emma was a refreshing pleasure to work with" R.G Marlow



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