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You can create your dreams and ideas from anywhere...

I always find that despite amazing technology, also having a good notepad with you at anytime is a fantastic must have for anyone who is re decorating, renovating, extending, converting or self building. When im out and about, at any point i may see something that will inspire me, whatever it is, external rendering, a wall design, an item of furniture, wall covering, a colour, a new trend, a fixture or just inspiration from a building or painting.

Writing down more about your find, its origin, where you think you can use this inspiration, what attracted you to it, what you think it relates to, why you love it and where you want to use it will keep you inspired and and focused on that particular inspiration when It becomes difficult to keep track. Then when you go back to this idea you can easily translate this information to your interior designer, kitchen designer, bathroom designer, builder, decorator so you can both fully understand what it is you wanted from it.

My Favourite notepad that keeps me inspired

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